Short Story Ideas

Now and again, I get short story ideas that I can’t use for one reason or another. I’ll share them here with you, and you are welcome to use them in whole or part. Maybe they’ll provide you with the inspiration to figure out what you’d like to write about.

Idea #1:

Two woman are at tea at an historical mansion in Washington, DC. Mary’s husband is a spy who works for the CIA. Her friend, Joanne, works with Mary’s husband. Obviously, Joanne can’t say anything to let Mary know that fact. This creates tension. Eventually, Mary begins to suspect that her husband is cheating on her with Joanne.

Idea #2:

A middle-aged couple are home alone (without kids) for the first time in 10 years. They hardly know what to do with themselves, so they take a motorcycle ride. The man, Frank, collects BMW motorcycles. His wife used to ride with him a long time ago and then stopped when they started their family. Frank has to persuade his wife it’ll be fun to ride the bike in the mountains. While they are riding, they witness a car accident. They stop and see the passengers in the wreckage…Now write about how this event affects them and their relationship.

More short story ideas coming soon!


One response to “Short Story Ideas

  1. I like that second one – maybe I’ll try to do something with it. Thank you!

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