How to Get Ideas for a Story

When it comes to thinking about how to write a short story, beginning writers usually have trouble getting ideas to write about. One of the most popular questions audience members ask at fiction readings is: “where do you get your ideas?”

The good news is that ideas are everywhere.

When you next visit your local grocery store, take a look at the people around you. Look at their faces and make up a story about the person based on their facial expression. Are they scowling? Do they have wrinkles? Are they incredibly happy? In your mind, take a moment to answer the question of why. Why do they have wrinkles? Why are they happy? Why are they scowling?

Once you begin to make up answers, you are starting to create! After that, it’s all up to your imagination to finish the story you’ve started.

There’s no shortage of ideas to write about, and you can even get ideas from writing software if you’re really stuck.



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