How to Ease Through Writer’s Block

Just about every writer has had to deal with writer’s block when learning how to write a short story. Writer’s block can be caused by worry, perfectionism or the perception that we do not have the required time to write.

When I experienced a difficult time with writing, I turned to The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

The book encouraged me to write three pages every day first thing in the morning. The idea behind writing three pages every day is to get the “gunk” out of our systems. As we write about our worries, about not being able to write and other such topics, we begin to free ourselves to create.

I discovered success with writing once I got rid of the “worry and negative gunk” in my head.

It’s not easy to write three pages every morning. Everything will try to conspire against you and prevent you from this goal. Assume that and plan for the worst. Your baby might cry you might catch a cold; you might have numerous life events taking place that make you think you don’t have a second to spare on writing.

When you sit to write your three pages per day, you call the writing muses to yourself. You inspired yourself. When you write three pages per day, you begin to feel a bit of pride. Maybe you do not like the work. Maybe it will be kept in a file somewhere, yet you are writing.

Writing is vital. You must be writing on a regular basis in order to learn how to write a short story.

One more tidbit from The Artist’s Way is not to read the pages and to put the three pages away. Do not look at them. Do not even sneak a little, itsy bitsy, tiny peek at the pages. They are not for you to judge. You can look at them in a month if you must. You do not want to look at them too soon and get too judgmental about your writing at this point.

Good luck with writing your three pages per day. Make this exercise work for you. If three pages sounds like too much, then start with one page and work your way up to three.


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